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Rodents are exceptionally good at adapting and surviving making them very difficult to exterminate. Rodents are often found near human residences or structures. Rodents are scavengers and are always out looking for food and resources making nesting near humans the ideal environment for them.

Common problems

Upon invasion rodents are known to cause extensive damage and problems to buildings, agriculture, living conditions, and health. Not only will rodents chew at food boxes and containers, they’re also naturally destructive and will gnaw at cables and furniture. They carry bacteria, viruses, and diseases which can spread through their droppings, urine, saliva, and biting. Please seek professional help when handling rodents. Rodents also reproduce rather rapidly making them very difficult to exterminate, if you see one rodent there’s a high possibility there has been an infestation already.

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Rat Facts:

  • 13" to 18" in length.
  • A single pair of brown rats can produce up to 2,000 descendants per year.
  • A rat can go longer without drinking water than a camel.

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Joseph S.

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This place is amazing.  I just moved into a new apartment and saw mice coming from the my closet and under the fridge.  I called Absolute Death and although they had no available appointments that day, they managed to fit me, providing same day service.... more

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